Student Trips

2015 Summer Trip to Prussia, Bohemia and Bavaria, June 15-23

History teachers Cristina Rowan and Jonathan Wagshul would like to invite TMI students and parents to join them on a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic in June 2015. The historic lands of Prussia, Bohemia, and Bavaria have witnessed major events in European history, such as WWII, the Holocaust, the Cold War and the reunification of Germany. By visiting historical landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial outside Munich and the Prague Ghetto, students will learn invaluable lessons about the rise of Nazism and Communism, and the experience of ordinary people during war and dictatorship. In addition to professional guided tours, participants will experience authentic cuisine, fine art, and local attractions.

For more information, contact Cristina Rowan (210) 564-6213 or Jonathan Wagshul (210) 564-6136.


Registration and more details are available on the website the group ID is: 223799 .

Click here to view the trip brochure.